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GRL Consulting

GRL stands for Grassroot Landscaping, which is a landscaping maintenance company that has been active on Staten Island since about 2005. We focus on nature-friendly practices, avoiding industrial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and aiming to minimize our fuel consumption by using battery powered cargo bicycles and power tools whenever possible.

Lars Mayer, Grassroot’s owner, immigrated from Germany and settled on Staten Island in 2000. Lars hails from a long line of gardeners and landscapers on both sides of the family. Already his great- great- grandfather was a gardener at the castle of Versailles, France, his grandfather a city gardener for the city of Stuttgart and his father was the head of faculty at the Institute for Landscape Ecology at the University of Kassel.

Lars’ mother’s family owned large plant nurseries in Potsdam since the early 1900s, later in the south and west of Berlin, in Lichtendrade and Spandau. His great- great- grandfather was specialized in the cultivation of cyclames and his mother became a master florist and arts teacher.

“Cyclamen” from the books series: The Practice of Gardening by Lars’ maternal great-great- grandfather Fritz Schneider. Berlin, 1937
Lars Mayer, Owner
Lars’ paternal great-great- grandfather, Meinrad Sattler, in ca. 1925, who was married to a French and worked the gardens of the Castle of Versailles.

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